creative presentation development

Creative Presentation Development

Creative presentation development

We’ve all been there. You’ve arrived for your company’s annual meeting and energetically head to the first general session. You take your seat alongside your fellow attendees and admire the well-planned ambiance around you. Then the lights dim, your CEO takes stage, heartily welcomes you and (insert sound effect dun-dun-dunnn) picks up the clicker to begin his presentation. A sense of dread fills you. Is this going to be another offering of slides filled with so much information they resemble the 20/20 line on an eye chart? Will the presenter be mindful of engaging the audience?

Presentations are a key element of all corporate meetings so making sure they are interesting, informative and engaging is imperative. A professional Event Production Partner knows the importance of using compelling information presented in a creative way. But, keeping the listeners focused throughout the presentation is a challenge, no matter how many presentations you’ve given.

Common Presentation Mistakes to Avoid

Delivering too much information: Presentations should respect the attention span of the listeners by being concise and straight to the point. So presenting too much information is a sure way of losing your audience.

Little or no preparation: A good presentation requires time and practice because if you go in without practicing, your audience will quickly notice your lack of preparation. But, a good Event Production Partner will plan time for you to rehearse your presentation before and on the day of your event.

Cluttered, hard to read slides: Be mindful of how much information you try to fit on each slide. Too much information can mean both smaller and harder to read fonts. Also, avoid using colors that are too dark or bright. Understanding the importance of these details is why using a company accustom to developing creative presentations is helpful.

Tips for Creative Presentation Development

Interaction is important: Try using a humorous anecdote to break-the-ice with your audience. You can tell a personal story so your audience will feel like they know you better. Also, consider ending with a Q&A to get your audience involved.

Make it clear and concise: In order for you to present your important message, keep your presentation brief and straight to the point. Consider limiting the onscreen text and allowing your presentation developer to add compelling images. This will hold the attention of your audience and prevent them from switching off the second they see a wall of words on screen.

Details are important: Think about what will make your presentation standout like using a larger, easy to read font size. This will make your audience more likely to retain the information. Lastly, proofread, proofread, proofread! Mistakes can pull your audience’s attention away from the important message you are communicating.

Does this all seem overwhelming? At Stonebrook Media we have years of experience not only in presentation development and design, but also in organizing events and conferences. Let us help tell your story.