Ways to Engage Your Audience During a Virtual Corporate Conference

Virtual Corporate Event Audience Engagement

It’s important to engage your audience during a virtual corporate event. Unlike in-person events, virtual events provide attendees with more opportunities to “zone out.”  They are already on the computer and distraction is only a click away. A Virtual Corporate Event Production Professional like Stonebrook Media can create virtual events that are more than just attendees watching a screen.

We Can Create Compelling Content

When your conference is virtual, there is more pressure on your content to be compelling. Rethinking traditional Power Point presentations is critical. Stonebrook produces state-of-the-art visual presentations. We also create videos that entertain while getting your message across.

We Provide Excellent Production Quality

Production quality is one of the many ways to engage your audience during a virtual corporate conference. That’s where Stonebrook’s experience comes in handy. For instance, we can provide a video wall which allows for a visually compelling, branded set. Likewise, professional cameras used with a lightning design add a polished look you can’t get from a computer camera. Also, our professionally produced graphics along with great video quality are more likely to keep your attendee’s attention.

We Can Facilitate Live Polling

Live polling is a great way to keep your attendees involved during your virtual corporate event. Firstly, it allows for your presenters to tailor their presentations based on responses. This makes for a more captivating experience for your attendees. Secondly, live polls can also provide data on participation and session engagement.

We Can Facilitate Live Q&A

Attendees ability to ask questions of the presenters during the session is key to engagement. If you’re offering intriguing content, attendees will have questions and want answers. Stonebrook can provide the ability for that interaction. Q&A also allows for attendees to interact with panel discussions and is vital way to engage your audience during a virtual conference.

We Can Facilitate Live Chat

Continuing to provide networking opportunities during a virtual conference is a challenge. One way to help attendees connect with each other is live chat. In addition, live chat helps to build community. It also allows attendees to feel more invested in your event.

In conclusion, Stonebrook Media can provide multiple ways to engage your audience during a virtual conference. Contact us today to find out how!