Virtual Event Production at The Rabbit Room

Virtual Event Production at The Rabbit Room

Virtual Event Production at the Rabbit Room

Recently we were honored to spend two days in virtual event production in the beautiful new home of The Rabbit Room, the North Wind Manor in Nashville, Tennessee. The Rabbit Room fosters Christ-centered community and spiritual formation through music, story, and art. North Wind Manor is a multi-use facility. It is used for writing groups, lectures, symposiums, concerts, and feasting.

2020 Hutchmoot: Homebound

We spent two days prerecording content for their annual Hutchmoot conference, a traditionally in-person event. This year we are teaming with them to produce the event 2020 Hutchmoot: Homebound virtually. This multi-day virtual event features a variety of virtual content. This content includes music, keynote addresses. As well as sessions on art, music, and story from a variety of speakers.

One of the benefits of our virtual event production work is the amazing speakers and the music that are a blessing to hear. These days were no exception. We spent the days pre-recording a combination of inspirational music and thought-provoking speakers. Streaming these recordings coupled with a live host will comprise the multi-day hybrid event. Pre-recording content during virtual event production, when possible, allows us to edit and add graphics. It also gives our clients the opportunity to focus their message. As well, it takes pressure off the event days.

While streaming the virtual event from North Wind Manor in October a live host will guide the online audience through the event. This keeps the day moving seamlessly and helps to engage the attendees. This also allows for site-to-site interaction and live Q and A with the attendees. As well it makes real-time audience polling possible. It has been rewarding for our team to use our virtual event production expertise to help our clients continue to hold their events during this time when in person events are not possible. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!