Virtual Corporate Event Production

Virtual Corporate Events Pros

Virtual corporate events have become a necessity since we can no longer produce in-person events. We are discovering the pros of hosting events virtually. When planned correctly, virtual events have some advantages over live events.

Allows for a larger audience

Hosting virtual corporate events makes them accessible to a larger audience. Anyone you provide with the online link can attend the event from anywhere – even from another country! People who might not be able to travel to your live event can still take advantage of the content.

They are less expensive

Virtual events are less expensive. You don’t have the added costs of travel, food and beverage, and venue, just to name a few. Focus your budget on innovative ways to connect with your audience.

You can fine tune presentations

We can create and pre-record content to stream during your event. Since presenters do not have to present live, presentations can be edited and the message fine tuned in advance.This gives you greater control over the message you present to your team members.

Traditional event tools are still available

Many of the same tools used at in-person events are still available. Q & A sessions allow your speakers to connect with your team members. Interactive polls engage your audience and help them feel more connected with your event. There are also new options to help increase engagement as well. For instance, live chat lends the opportunity for your attendees to continue to network with one another during and following presentations.

The event content is still available after the event

Because we record virtual corporate events, it’s possible to repurpose content for use in the future. You can choose to make the content available for your team to watch later. This increases the virtual events long-term value and provides more bang for your buck.

While we all look forward to the time when we can meet in person again, Stonebrook Media will help you take advantage of all the pros of hosting events virtually until that time comes. Have questions? Contact us for a free consultation about your event needs: