Virtual Hybrid Event Production

Virtual Hybrid Event Production

Virtual Hybrid Event Production has become a necessity during the current time. Therefore, you must rethink how you produce your events. With the right production partner to handle pre-planning and your technology needs, you can produce a virtual event that is every bit as exciting as a live one.

New Opportunities for Your EventĀ 

Rethinking how you produce events opens up new possibilities. A virtual event creates the opportunity to reach a wider audience. It allows you to consider guest speakers who might not be able to available or affordable in person. In addition, with virtual hybrid event production you can pre-record segments to stream out during your virtual event. This also takes the pressure off day of logistics.

Start with a Great Host

Having a great host is important for a virtual event. They can keep things moving and vamp if it becomes necessary to work around connectivity issues or technology glitches. Also, having someone calm, engaging, and knowledgeable steering the conversations and providing transitions between elements is key.

As well, the right host can be the guiding voice throughout the event. They can give out important information, introduce new speakers and make announcements. Also, having a host in charge helps bring life to your event, helping to entertain and engage attendees.

Use the Right Mix for Your Virtual Event

Using a mix of pre-recorded content and live streaming for your virtual event is key. This gives you more control over your content allowing for editing, reshooting, or redesigning. Likewise, you can take advantage of the live platform to generate interaction with attendees with live polling, question and answer sessions, and remote site check-ins. You can even engage your audience with contests or live raffles.

In conclusion, working with an experienced production partner that can handle technology infrastructure, scheduling the event, and producing both live and pre-recorded segments can enable you to successfully transition your live event to a virtual event that will be engaging, informative, and entertaining. Stonebrook Media has the experience and know-how to help you produce an event you can be proud of.

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